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I appologize on behalf of National Chapter on how long it took for the new website to be updated. If you have any comment or concerns about the site please email the Webmaster GEEK at


We don't typically want to be dropping threats or trying to micro manage branch chapters. But from time to time, we are forced to make choices that are on the behalf of the UMF as a whole.

National Chapter has and will revoke a branch charter if we observe that Chapter is involved in activities that is against the UMF policy or activities that will put UMF Members in harm’s way as we see it. This is easily monitored if your members are posting to Facebook or any other type of social media. We are quick to get calls from MCs, other Members and/or bikers in general, if they don’t agree with what a member or a Chapter is up to. Don't be fooled. If you have someone on your buddy list and that person is in another city/state and you don’t know them personally, odds are they are monitoring your activities and we will be notified. We cannot and do not want to "Control" your personal Facebook page. But if we are notified of objectionable activities, we can and will pull your patch. If the situation is serious enough, we can and will pull your Chapter's Charter and all members in that chapter will have their patches pulled. If you are a National Member, that will be revoked as well. We have asked Members of the UMF to be very mindful about what you post on Facebook. In some cases, this request has been ignored.

Keep in mind we are a "Social Men's Organization". However, we regularly associate with all members of the biker lifestyle. Some areas could give a fuck about a social club like ours and has no interest or concern what the UMF does. Some areas, however, see it differently. They feel that if we are going to be allowed to hang in their community, we will play by the same rules they do. No ifs, ands, or buts! Many of these organizations are nationwide and all of their members and chapters play by the same rules regardless of location.

As with all organizations, UMF included, the actions of any one member is viewed as the actions of the club as a whole. What you may think is bullshit and trivial, can easily viewed as a serious problem in another area. And, news (gossip) travels very fast. What you do can put other brothers in harm’s way, even in another state/country. Watch yours and you your brother's backs.

If you are unsure what objectionable or not, don't do it. If you really want to use social media to post an event to the whole fucking world, DON'T do it until you have check in with the National Chapter.

The UMF does not have or will allow law enforcement in the club!!. Make sure to vet your turds (perspective members). That can and will become a dangerous situation for everyone.

There are several organizations that the UMF donates money and sponsors fund raisers for. If you want to use the UMF's name, colors, numbers and logos, these organizations include battered/abused women/children, disabled children and disabled veterans. The UMF will not sanction or be involved in events or organizations that support militias, government or law enforcement in any way!!! If we see UMF logos/patches/T-shirts on Facebook or any other type of social media at any of these types of events, we will pull your patch. If we can't figure out who you are, odds are we will revoke your chapter’s charter. If you have members in your chapter that want to be fuck heads and test the limit on this, you might want to start cleaning house. If you are strongly against this, you ARE in the wrong club and you are welcome to go join organizations that are for it.

The UMF as a whole is considered to be very large. We are watch and monitored by both the biker community and law enforcement. Represent this club and your brothers well and in an ugly fashion guys.

JC, National Prez



Contact UMF ASSE. for details.

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